Two of Australia’s most successful FMCG startup entrepreneurs collaborate to create hybrid products

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One of Australia’s newest and most exciting brands to emerge during COVID, Hair Folli, has just announced an innovative collab deal with successful Aussie FMCG startup, The Daily Men’s Skin Co, which produces ‘The Daily’ skin care range for men. The collaboration has resulted in both brands working together to create a limited edition selection of hybrid products to meet the needs of men all over the world.

The hybrid products include an ultra moisturiser and a hydrating cleanser. Packaged as the ‘Limited Black Edition – The Daily Skin Care Bundle Pack’, the products provide men with essential skin care support boosted with Hair Folli’s unique active ingredients to facilitate hair growth.

Trung Vien founded Hair Folli to provide his friends with a solution to deal with their hair loss. Since launching in early 2020 with its hero product, Hair Folli spray, a hair growth product made with the Kadadu Plum – a rare Australian fruit packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants – the brand has boomed, is expanding its range of products and is expected to reach $5 million in sales by next year.

According to Vien, Hair Folli is helping many people to reclaim their lives. The active ingredients in Hair Folli stimulate hair growth by improving blood flow to hair follicles.

“I took part in an advertising campaign collab with Politix and The Daily a few months ago. I met Henry Weaver, founder of The Daily Men’s Skin Co during this project. He has partnered with Politix to roll out his products across their stores,” Vien said.

“We got along so well that we started talking about how we could work together to create a limited edition range of skin care products featuring Hair Folli’s innovative active ingredients.

“After all, men with a beard could benefit from skin care products that not only take care of their skin, but also support hair growth.

“So we got to work and decided to create two products, an ultra moisturiser and a hydrating cleanser.”

Vien believes the collaboration worked because both businesses are Australian owned, their products are Australian made, they have aligned values and they engage with a similar customer base. They have also experienced explosive growth. The Daily Men’s Skin Co launched in mid 2019 and has grown quickly with sales doubling in the last 12 months.

“Once we worked out the formula and ingredients, the process was straight forward. We packaged the products up in limited edition black labelling – Hair Folli by The Daily and created an initial run of 5,000,” Henry said.

“The Daily ultra moisturiser is a dual action moisturiser that dissolves dry skin and deeply hydrates. It contains papaya and white willow bark.

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“The Daily cleanser is an effective yet gentle cleanser that removes impurities and build up in the skin. It’s active ingredients include wheatgrass, parsley seed, lemon tea tree and petitgrain.”

Both products contain Hair Folli’s hair growth ingredients meaning men can undertake their daily skin care regimen while also stimulating facial hair growth at the same time.

“As soon as we launched the products, stock starting flying off our virtual shelves. Our online store did not stop,” Vien said.

“In fact the limited edition products have proved so popular we have already arranged production of a further 10,000 units.

“Clearly we have created a range that men really value and appreciate. It just shows what Aussie businesses can do when they work together and come up with ideas. We are already talking about developing other products as well, so watch this space.

The Limited Black Edition – The Daily Skin Care Bundle Pack can be purchased online from ,,

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