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Top Things to Do Around London King’s Cross

The King’s Cross area of London is distinguished by the large railway station of the same name. As one of the busiest train stations in the entire United Kingdom, it is no surprise to learn that the area is bustling with a host of tourist attractions and things to see and do. Here are five of the best things to do when spending time in and around London’s King Cross area.

Before You Set Out to Explore

Before you set out to explore this vibrant slice of London, you need to take care to secure all of your belongings. You will enjoy your time in this area more if you are not saddled with cumbersome luggage. Be sure to utilize the secure storage options near King’s Cross Station. This will allow you to explore freely with the confidence of knowing that your valuables are protected.

The British Library

Located just a short walk from King’s Cross Station, you will find the historic British Library. This library is home to a variety of significant documents, including the Magna Carta, a Gutenberg Bible, and lyrics to songs by The Beatles. The building itself is also an architectural marvel. It is recommended to leave about two hours to fully discover the hidden gems of this library. Best of all, this library is free to visit.

Granary Square

Granary Square is the heart and soul of King’s Cross. This charming square is best known for the 1,000 choreographed fountains that produce a dazzling display of lights each night. During the summer, you will find children splashing around in the water. Granary Square is also a great place to take in the activity of the adjacent Regent’s Canal. A wide array of restaurants and shopping options line the square, making it easy to spend the entire day hanging out in this energetic area of King’s Cross.

Regent’s Canal

The idyllic Regent’s Canal is the perfect place to take a stroll and soak up the magic of this part of London. This waterway winds over eight miles through the center of King’s Cross, passing by many of the area’s most popular attractions. Granary Square is the perfect place to launch your walk along the canal.

Be sure to carve out some time to visit the London Canal Museum while strolling along the walkway. You can also explore this canal on a boat ride. Another top stop is the kitschy Word on the Water bookstore. This 1920s Dutch barge has been converted into a permanent bookstore, selling books in nearly every genre. You will find Word on the Water anchored off of Granary Square. Finish your walk with a visit to the sprawling Regent’s Park.

St. Pancras International Station

St. Pancras International Station is a great place to spend a classic rainy London day. The stunning Victorian building offers something for everyone inside its confines. Public art adorns the walls of the train station. There is also a myriad of retail outlets and dining destinations. Even if you are not using the trains at this station, it is still worth a stop on your itinerary of things to see in King’s Cross.

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4

Harry Potter fans will delight in a visit to the famous Platform 9 3/4. This iconic spot from the book and movie series provides a whimsical backdrop to all of your vacation photos. Be warned that the line to pose with the sign can often stretch for blocks. A professional photographer is even available to take your picture. While you are in the area, be sure to make time to visit the Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4. This is a must-see area of King’s Cross for any Harry Potter fan.

No matter what your travel fancy is, you will find something to pique your interest in London’s King’s Cross. Be sure to leave plenty of time for your adventure in this lovely corner of the UK.

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