Things to Do in Hobart

Resting just on the coast of the River Derwent, Hobart is a fantastic location to travel to and visit. While not as populous as a city like Melbourne, Hobart is still packed full of history and culture. Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia and is the capital of Tasmania on top of that. As Tasmania’s largest city, Hobart has countless interesting locations to visit and activities to take part in. This short guide will hit on some of the best locations and sights to see in Hobart, Australia.


The Elizabeth Street Mall is the largest shopping hub in Hobart. It’s an incredible pedestrian street mall featuring some very interesting architecture. In the 1970s, this portion of Elizabeth street was closed down for traffic. For nearly 20 years it stayed that way until it was redeveloped into the mall in the 1990s. Now anyone making their way down Elizabeth Street can take a stroll along the mosaic patterned pathways and soak in the rays of sunlight as they reflect through the cascading waves of the glass ceiling. The unique outdoor spaces allow various types of venues throughout the year such as musical performances, art exhibitions, and other community events. The Elizabeth Street Mall is now one of the most popular hotspots that local residents know and love. For a full list of the stores and events available to browse, see the official Elizabeth Street Mall website.

Proudly named “Tasmania’s Own Market”, the Salamanca Market appeared in the 1970s and contains hundreds of stallholders with a wide variety. From food to crafts, this market has it all. Locals and people from all over travel to the Salamanca Market to sell their craft, share designs, and eat food. Here you can find plenty of high-quality, handmade goods and delicious homemade food from not just the cultures of Australia, but many more beyond. It’s a great place to walk around, have a bite to eat, and support some local business.

Another scenic destination to consider visiting is the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. For visitors unfamiliar with a garden environment, a 50-minute walking tour is available for families and individuals alike. The Royal Gardens spans over 30 acres and offers plenty of interesting views with unique collections embodying the values of research, education, remnant biology, conservation, research, the culture and heritage of Aboriginals, and more. For visitors who would rather opt for a smaller garden experience, the University Rose Garden in Hobart has some stunning sights. This must-see location is only a five-minute walk from the city center.

Fine art fans will find the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) to be a great spot to tour. The museum consistently features collections for all ages and boasts the “broadest collection mandate of any single similar institution in Australia.” Even for non-art fanatics, the museum houses a geology, history, and zoology unit that makes use of the on-site staff for research and conservation.

If Australia is known for one thing (other than heat!), it’s the wildlife. Australia is home to a unique ecosystem with a plethora of amazing animals and critters to see. It’s nearly impossible for someone to see so much on their own. That is where Pennicott Wilderness Journey comes in. For those seeking adventure, this is definitely something to look in to. Pennicott offers countless cruises and journeys you can take to fully take in and experience all the wildlife the area has to offer. You will get to see all sorts of fish, insects, furry friends, and maybe even the infamous Tasmanian devil. These wilderness journeys have been run by the Pennicott family business for over 20 years. The tours can last a few hours up to all day and they have received nearly 30 tourism awards in total. If the wilds are at all an interest, stopping here is a must.

And of course, there is also the Theatre Royal, a magnificent building all on its own. Opened in 1837, the Royal Theatre is the oldest continually operating theatre in Australia. What is showing at the theatre is all dependent on time of year and the line-up of entertainment. Shows can range anywhere from musicals to orchestral ensembles to stand-up comedy shows. Chances are, there is something worth seeing at the Theatre Royal, no matter which time of the year it is in Hobart.

Traveling to Hobart

When leaving for a trip to Hobart, it is important to consider where you plan to stay and where you will store the luggage that you bring with you. Some locations will require customers to pay a large fee when storing luggage in facility luggage lockers. One option that is available is using a storage service such as Stasher to keep the luggage safe when out exploring Hobart. For travelers seeking a longer stay in Hobart, a hotel, resort, or even a rental home are all possibilities for long-term luggage storage. Regardless of the decision, be sure to consider these factors prior to departing for Hobart.

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