Where Can I Store My Luggage Around the Sydney Airport?

Sydney is the New York City of Australia — with world-class beaches! Situated on the sunny east coast and celebrated for its beauty and bustling metropolis, Sydney always tops lifestyle lists and welcomes millions of tourists annually.  

If you’re heading Down Under and need to stash your luggage somewhere for a few hours or days, options abound.

SmartCarte Left Luggage at Kingsford Smith Airport

Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport has left luggage facilities in the TI International, T2 Domestic, and T3 Qantas terminals. Some people value the convenience of the airport location, but there are drawbacks. 

For starters, you pay a premium for the airport location. Depending on how long you leave your luggage, it can cost between A$10 to A$30 a bag for 1 to 24 hours. If you want to stow larger luggage for a few days, you could be looking at a final bill of over A$100 a bag. 

If your flight departs very early or late, airport luggage stations may be closed, and you’ll be stuck with the bags you wanted to offload. They also shutter unexpectedly. Imagine rolling up to the counter with your cumbersome luggage and finding the equivalent of a “gone fishing” sign!? No bueno. If you’re traveling during the pandemic, check ahead to make sure they’re open.

CheckGo at Central Station

Located at Sydney’s Central Station, the city’s main train depot, CheckGo is another luggage storage option that’s convenient for rail travelers. But like the Kingsford Smith Airport facilities, beware of potential time and cost factors that may not be ideal.

Depending on baggage size, CheckGo charges between A$7 and A$15 per piece per 24-hour period. Moreover, they are only open between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.; as such, arriving or departing outside of those hours may prove difficult. 

One super thing about CheckGo is its 24-7 CCTV security. If you’re stashing something valuable, that added feature may provide peace of mind.

Stasher All Over the City

More and more, people are using Stasher as a luggage storage option in Sydney and near Sydney’s airport. Slightly different than the other options we discussed, Stasher has locations throughout the city. The British startup partnered with hundreds of local businesses and accommodation chains, including Premier Inn and Accor Hotels, to create a luggage storage network that’s reliable, safe, and affordable. 

Maintaining locations all over the city is a big bonus. It means less time in the airport or train station, plus, more often than not, you can find a Stasher within a block or two of where you’re staying.

Stasher also has an app to scout locations, book space, and pay — all with a few clicks. Moreover, they don’t charge more for larger parcels. A low flat rate of about A$7 a day applies across the board. Additionally, every stored unit is insured for up to $1,000. 

All Stasher locations are staffed by actual people, which translates to a more secure experience. And, the company has won several industry awards for its stellar customer service. 

There you have it: a list of luggage storage options in The Emerald City. Now go off and enjoy Sydney! It’s an incredible experience.

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