Best Day Trips From London, England

Tourists to London could probably spend a week or even two before they get bored. After all, London is not only one of the largest cities in Europe but is 2,000 years old.

But London is by far from the only spot to visit Great Britain, and for many travelers, that’s where a day trip comes in.

For example, London may have Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, but does it compare in grandeur to our number one day trip? No way.

Our Top Choice: Stonehenge

What’s there? On the plain of Salisbury sits 93 giant rock stones weighing as much as 25 tons each, Stonehedge is perhaps the most iconic site for history buffs outside of the 1,000 remote statues on Easter Island.

Perhaps an ancient burial site, perhaps an ancient astrological observatory, we can’t say, but Stonehedge brings in 800,000 tourists per year.

To get there, take a train from London’s Waterloo station to Salisbury in about 90 minutes then take the Tour Bus from Salisbury to Stonehedge.

Vist Brighton

Grungy, creative and bohemian, add a great beach and you have a terrific place to visit. Known as one of the best LGBT handouts in Britain, this cheery seaside retreat has it all.

Legend has it there are at least 365 bars in a city of a quarter-million people, this means you can drink at a different bar every night for a year.

How to get there? Brighton is conveniently located just a 50-minute train ride from London Victoria. And who would blame you if you never came back to London to pick up your luggage?

Speaking of luggage, many travelers find themselves in the enviable position of having a layover for a day or so in London but don’t want to be tied down by their luggage.

Many tend to rely on Stasher, a worldwide company that offers temporary luggage storage near Kings Cross location.

With Stasher, you can store luggage for as cheap as 5 pounds per bag and your luggage is available 24 hours a day for pick-up. It’s cheap and its convenient, and your luggage is guaranteed not to be stolen as its insured for 1,000 pounds per bag.

Visit Bath

Bath is arguably England’s most beautiful city, with thermal spas that were used by the Romans. And if soaking in a thermal spa is not your thing, consider taking a boat trip through the canals.

How to get there? By train, leave from London Paddington and find yourself there in 90 minutes.

Visit Canterbury

World-famous for its Cathedral, Canterbury is an utterly quaint British town with a load of things to see and do including Howletts Wild Animal Park.

A town for the arts, and a village full of fantastic shopping and dining, Canterbury is certainly worth consideration for a day trip.

How to get there? Take either the fast train from London St Pancras which will get you there in 60 minutes or a slow train from London Victoria which will get you there in 90 minutes.