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Australia 101: What To Know Before Visiting The Outback

There is a lot of fascinating things to learn and know about Australia before you start planning your next trip or vacation. Many factors such as the local wildlife, customs, weather, and cities exist- and you should probably hit the online articles and inform yourself before you buy your next plane ticket. Australia has lots of amazing sights, but make sure to study up and equip yourself with a local SIM card before you commit.

For instance, make sure to learn about the climate change. If you’re flying over, especially from a colder part of the world such as Canada or Alaska, make sure that you wear plenty of sunblock and light clothing. Australia is a very warm and sunny place where the average temperatures can reach well over 120 degrees. Buy plenty of cold drinks, stay out of the sunlight during the hotter hours of the day, and stock up on that sun screen.

The wildlife over in Australia is also something to keep an eye out for while visiting. Australia is known to house some of the world’s most dangerous, poisonous, and wild animals known to man. From giant spiders, to swarms of jellyfish in the surf, there are lots of creatures out there to keep an eye out for. Kangaroos and koala bears are other animals to look out for, as these mammals can be very territorial when strangers make their presence. However, you won’t see these creatures as prominently as you might think, but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye out while you’re venturing in a new region or area.

The third major thing to study up on before heading over some of the rules of the culture. For example, In Australia, you drive on the left side of the road, and not the right. Knowing this may save you a few traffic violations as well as a fine or two from the local authorities. Other factors such as dialing 000 instead of 911 in the case of an emergency, and they tend to prefer rubgy to football.

Finally, as you make your journey, understand that the border customs are still very prevalent. Make sure that you aren’t importing or exporting any illegal goods, animals, foods, or anything else that may be against the laws. Look up the local guidelines and flight regulations before making your way, and make sure that you understand fully what you can and cannot bring into Australia.

Keep all of these things in mind, enjoy your journey into the Outback. It’s a fascinating place filled with great tourist locations, local cuisine, and breathtaking sights. Just beware of the culture, local laws, and be respectful to the natives.

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