Andrew Farriss Self-Titled Album

Today I chatted with Andrew Farriss about his new self-titled album. There’s something about Andrew Farriss that makes you feel like you are talking to an old friend. He’s down-to-earth, respectful, and humble. I think these positive traits come across in the music he produces. At the time of writing, the album has reached #3 on the Aria Country Music Album Chart.

So how does the primary songwriter of Australia’s iconic band, INXS, turn to country music? It starts from his touring days with INXS, where the band lived out of suitcases and hotels. These living conditions were not ideal, so Andrew decided to buy a small hobby farm south of Sydney to get away from it all. Following his mother’s illness, Andrew purchased a more prominent country property where he could put two houses on it so his parents could live there too. He now lives in the Tamworth Region NSW as a cattle farmer.

Writing songs and telling stories is Andrew’s passion, so I was interested in how he moved from rock band to country musician. Over the years, he tells me that he had written songs that didn’t suit the projects he was working on; they sounded like different eras and jumbled. When he and his wife, Marlina, were in the US, they took a 6-day tour around the Mexican Border in Arizona near the National Monument areas. Andrew describes the area’s history as tumultuous where Apache’s, Mexicans, US Calvery, Cowboys, and Settlers used to reside. They rode the horses up to Cochise Stronghold, and that’s when the lightbulb came on, that he didn’t just want to make country music, he wanted to make country and western music. As well bring it back to Australia, as our history during that period was just as interesting.

Marlina and Andrew had spent many hours with a rancher, Craig Lawson, and his wife Tam on the ride. Sadly Craig has now passed away. During this time, Craig spent hours explaining the history of the area to Andrew, which inspired the music. Other inspiration comes from his own experience as a farmer living through droughts and being part of the Australian country scene.

When the Farriss’s returned to Nashville, Andrew started to work on a concept album about the Old West, which has now been released. Two of his favourite songs on the album were purpose wrote, Son of a Gun and My Cajun Girl. Also, the newly released single, Run Baby Run. Andrew said these last three songs were like putting the final pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

Speaking of Run Baby Run, I was intrigued with the video clip and how it came about. On a trip to the Gympie Music Muster, within the Amamoor State Forest, the Farriss’s stopped for coffee and noticed people gathering at the train station. Andrew then discovered the Mary Valley Rattler and thought she was magnificent, he instantly knew she was ideal for the video. The rest is history. There was an idea of Andrew’s having him jump off the moving train onto the running horse just like in the cowboy movies, that never came to fruition for obvious reasons.

Andrew and Marlina Farriss produced the music video at Rockingham Holdings, and it was directed by Duncan Toombs at The Filmery.

Behind the Scenes of the Run Baby Run Video


Andrew Farriss has announced a special run of tour dates to celebrate his first solo album release. The self-titled album contains a collection of songs traversing roots, blues Americana, and country.

Andrew will be touring with some of the best country musicians from around Australia.

After a lengthy break from the road, Andrew is eager to share his music with fans. Being the man behind the songs that sold INXS more than 50-million albums, Andrew Farriss continues to write memorable music.

Andrew’s tour is the first solo tour taken by any member of INXS since the band stopped. Joining Andrew on his album tour is two-time Golden Guitar winner Andrew Swift. Since finding his feet in the Australian country scene as a Toyota Starmaker grand-finalist in 2017, Andrew Swift has gone from strength-to-strength; his debut album Call Out For the Cavalry debuted at #1 on the ARIA Australian Country Charts.

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