Ad Standards regulator issues riposte in Rozalia Russian Instagram saga

And Estee Lauder, which manages Tom Ford Beauty in Australia, said: “At Tom Ford Beauty, we do not engage in paid influencer partnerships and the post in question was not sponsored.”

Sydney’s Anna Heinrich, the 2013 The Bachelor winner who married her bachelor Tim Robards, was the first influencer to breach the new rule about distinguishable advertising for a post of a strapless Runaway The Label green frock.

Melbourne glamour couple Rozalia and Nick Russian.

Melbourne glamour couple Rozalia and Nick Russian.Credit:Karon Photography

It was claimed that Ad Standards had made the ruling in the absence of any response from Russian or Estee Lauder, which made the regulator look a bit dopey.

But now the regulator has struck back, saying it contacted the advertiser, Tom Ford International, six times.


“We also contacted the influencer’s management team. Neither provided a response to Ad Standards.”

Well, we know that no one in fashion ever returns calls, but c’mon!

Estée Lauder still hasn’t confirmed if the fragrance was supplied as a freebie, which could still constitute a rule breach, but you don’t have to be Miss Marple to work out the answer to that one.

“The issue of distinguishable advertising is increasingly being raised in the media and wider community as a subject of community concern,” says Ad Standards executive director Richard Bean.

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